What are the LIKE-A-PRO behavioural intervention pilots?
Behavioural Intervention Pilots: Explore, Test, Validate & Innovate!

What are the LIKE-A-PRO behavioural intervention pilots?

Evidence shows what consumers say and do does not always match in practice (intention-action gap). While living labs are a great approach to generate learnings and insights that come very close to real-life settings there is still a degree of hypothesis involved. To overcome this limitation and become really ambitious in the project results, we will conduct 4-four medium to large-scale behavioural intervention pilots within LIKE-A-PRO, where we will explore and observe consumers’ purchase patterns and interaction with food environments without disturbing their day-to-day routines.

How will we go about this?

The 4-four behavioural intervention pilots will take place in Greece, Norway, Spain, Belgium and at a pan-Europe level in different (food) environments where consumers make their day-to-day food choices or hold potential to influence those.

Similarly, to the Living Labs, the Consumer Choice Framework* will guide the design of the behavioural pilots also.

  • Choice editing: explore the modalities of green public procurement to support the promotion of alternative protein products at a university canteen. Pilot partner: The American College of Greece Research Centre.

  • Choice expansion: test the market performance and consumers’ perceptions and acceptance of the newly developed alternative protein products in real supermarkets. Pilot partner: Møreforsking AS.

  • Choice environment: re-shaping / re-designing food menus to better profile and feature dishes made on basis of alternative protein ingredients / products in two restaurants. Pilot partners: Basque Culinary Center Foundation and Foodlab Proef.

  • Beyond choice: experimenting with communication frames and language (human-centric, pro-environmental) for ensured effectiveness of sustainability and health messages and sensitising consumes to uptake of alternative protein products in one’s diets. Pilot partner: Green Food Lab BV.

The CSCP will act as the overarching behavioural pilot coordinator.

How can you participate?

The behavioural intervention pilots will take place between May 2025 and March 2026 across the afore-mentioned pilot countries.